Following is a list of ways you can get involved with Secular Texas to help us engage the public and our State in secular issues.

Primaries are in March and Elections are in November for Texas Legislators and Statewide Offices.

  • Research candidates records and stances.
  • Develop tactics secular Texans can use to raise awareness of secular concerns with their local candidates.

Legal & Organizational: Help Secular Texas incorporate as a non-profit political organization

Research Team: Research on our platform topics and add it to our database for use in letter writing and stance papers.

Writers: Help us with various writing projects such as copy for the website, stance papers and campaign summaries.

Social Media Advocate: Follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Share news stories, events and action items.

Store: Help launch and run a web store to raise money for our cause.

Texas Theocracy Watch News Blog: Covering political and social news of interest to the secular community in Texas.

  • Writers: Write 1 to 3 stories per week giving context and commentary on news stories culled from across the state and nation.
  • Editors: One or more days a week, read blog posts to check for spelling and typological errors, along with readability.

Marketing: Help Secular Texas reach more people and raise awareness of secular issues.

Fund Raising: Help Secular Texas raise funds to accomplish our campaigns and engage the public with our issues.

Merchandise: Help design and produce T-Shirts and other merchandise that can be used to raise money for our cause.

General Fund Raising: Help develop and implement fund raising campaigns.

Recruiting: Develop and implement campaigns for engaging secular citizens in the Texas political process.

Secular Texas plans to visit local secular organizations around Texas to raise awareness of the group and engage secular citizens in local action.

  • Presentation Production: Help write and produce a presentation describing Secular Texas, our goals, campaigns and how each secular citizen can get personally involved.
  • Presentation Team: Visit various secular organizations from around Texas to engage them in secular advocacy. Drivers / Helpers and Presenters needed.

Advocating for the concerns of Secular Texans

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