• Objective: To fight bad legislation as it arises or to propose legislation and amend bills in the legislature and influence the outcomes of the State Board of Education.
  • Focus: The state legislature committees while in session and Texas SBOE at other times.
  • Scope: We will address will separation of church and state, which will include the teaching of religious doctrine under various guises of education reform, civil rights for excluded citizens and sexual expression denied on moral grounds, and women's reproductive rights.

General tactics:

  • Research: Research and study current issues and state / church issues in order to offer rational and evidence based suggestions on governance.
  • Lobbying: Develop letter writing and citizen lobbying network statewide.
  • Education: Develop and deliver educational materials and position papers to help citizens and law makers make better informed decisions on issues we find to be overrun by emotion, personal conviction and unscientific information.
  • Resources: Provide form letters that can be used by members and supporters to positively influence Legislators and Texas SBOE Members.
  • Press: Bring attention to the concerns and issues of the secular community in Texas.

Legislative tactics:

  • Begin no later than October preceding sessions to develop contact with legislative aids to discover what relevant bills will be proposed in the coming session.
  • Review bills as they are filed and assigned to committees.
  • Frame relevant bills in a unique voice to capture the imaginations and compassion of legislators and the public to show the discriminatory and unconstitutional nature of government endorsing and supporting religion.
  • Lobby the committees, committee chairs and committee members before the bills get to a floor vote.
  • Testify before the committees and register our votes on scheduled bills.
  • Develop legislation to further our purpose and develop relationships with individual legislators to introduce and support legislation.

Texas State Board of Education tactics:

  • Work campaigns in the primaries in solid red or blue districts to get the best possible candidates and the general elections that are competitive.
  • Develop testimony with a focus on religious origins of objectionable proposals.
  • Increase the knowledge among the general populace as to the power and influence of the Texas SBOE.

Advocating for the concerns of Secular Texans

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