Secular Texas is an ad hoc group of citizens advocating for the concerns of the secular community of Texas. We seek a rational state government that enacts policy based on scientific realities. Secular Texas also addresses any attempt to use State or Local government resources or power to endorse religion, or provide privilege to religious institutions in Texas.

Secularism in Texas

The secular community in Texas is a fast-growing segment of the population, with 22% of Texans considering themselves non-religious, up from 12% just five years ago, putting Texas above the national average as a home for the non-religious. The electorate is changing and the legislature is going to change with it. If the legislators of Texas want to continue to represent their constituents, it is time to hear the voices of the secular community of Texas.

globe-icon-sqConcerns of Secular Texans

Secular Texas advocates for the concerns of secular Texans. While the concerns of secular communities in Texas are varied, shared concerns include:

  • Solid Science Education
  • Comprehensive Sex Education
  • LGBTQ Equal Rights & Protections
  • Reproductive & Family Planning Rights
  • State / Church Separation 
  • Rational State Government

info-icon-sqHow You Can Help

Local action, such as visiting your legislator in their home office and letting them know that the secular community exists and that we are involved in the political process, is one of the most powerful actions you can take. Visit your legislator and tell us about it! Please take a look at how you can get directly involved with Secular Texas. Support our mission financially by becoming a dues paying member or making a donation.

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